3 main mapping styles for Hybrid lash extension

Hybrid lashes are a lovely mix of Classic and Volume lashes, typically 70 percent Classic and 30 percent Volume lash extensions, though this proportion isn't set in stone and can easily be tailored to your client's preferences. For example, if your client wants a sculpted balanced output, bringing the ratio closer to 50% Classic lashes and 50% Volume ones, or you can put more lashes in each fan and construct up to 10D fans.

Wispy lash style:

Wispy lash style

Wispy lashes are by far the most prevalent because they appear fluffy and furred, yet they look incredibly authentic. They are ideal for those who desire a theatrical makeup appearance with prominent eyelashes.

Wispy lashes are a type of Hybrid eyelash extension which are created through a variety of methods. Wispy lash extensions are popular because of the distinctive and trendy lash style as well as the delicate lash map that many lash artists find challenging to master. The effect primarily depends on how skilled the lash artists are in creating a stunning wispy look that lasts 3 -4 weeks.

Individual lash extensions of multiple sizes are used to create wispy Classic lashes. Combining different fans of 2-6 extension lashes creates wispy Volume lashes. The spikes are made with closed fans, and 2D to 6D fans are added between them to add density and Volume. Finally, these two procedures are combined in wispy Hybrid lash extensions. Individual lash extensions are used to form spikes, and Volume eyelash extensions fans are among them.

Doll eye style:

Doll eye style

The doll eye Hybrid lash mapping technique is often known as "open" or "broad eye." A doll eye map is ideal for clients who want to widen their eyes and provide the appearance of a more awake, fuller look. This lash style approach is one of the most adaptable for the Classic vs. Volume lash ratio since lash artists can make it as thick or natural as the outcome requires. As a general guideline, professionals at LLBA suggest keeping your Classic-to-Volume ratio between 60 percent Classic and 40 percent Volume, or 75 percent Classic lashes and 25 percent Volume lashes.

In terms of fan shape, you would want to keep your fans broad for this style since they will cover more room and intersect each other to produce the perfect blend of the Classic Volume lashes. Longer lashes are used in the middle region of the lashes, typically 12mm, then 11mm towards the inner corner, and 10, 8, and 9 in the corneas for the doll effect.

Cat eyelash style:

Cat eyelash style

The cat-eye mapping technique is one of the most renowned and requested among clients. It's ideal for clients who want to raise their outer eyelids and create the impression of a smoked-out, glam look. However, if the client has a smaller shaped eye, you should avoid the doll lash style since it will shut the eyes even more, and if the client has hooded eyes, the lashes may get concealed under the eyelid.

The mapping ratio is variable, but we recommend keeping the outward corner lashes Classic because Volume ones can drag down the delicate exterior corners, with no lash extensions on the outer end due to the shedding caused by the mass of Volume lashes. Shorter lashes subsequently lengthen to long lashes on the corner of the eyes in the cat-eye lash map style, reflecting the shape of winged smoked eyeliner. 

Cat-eye lash mapping gives the eyes an exquisite lift and arched effect and makes the client's face appear sleeker. The inner corner is short and rounded (C curl 4-6mm) with a crisp outer corner (L or M curl 8-10mm). The L curl is suggested for this style because of its graceful lift and stretched appearance. Its distinctive curl accentuates the brilliance of the eye in the most striking way.

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